phantom currents

Installation views, Somers gallery, London, 2023, supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

liquid crystal displays, videos, microcontrollers, microcomputers, solar panels, solar energy, electricity
dimensions and duration variable

“In London there is a building with a rooftop parapet and stationed behind this parapet is a slanting grid made up of glass and silicon panels. These are solar panels which means that they comprise solar cells, which I am told are also called photovoltaic cells. They are not to be confused with the cells that are found in living organisms though the fact they are also referred to as ‘cells’ is not merely coincidental and very suggestive indeed. Solar panels are a technology that converts sunlight into electricity by way of loosened electrons, but for all its facticity and realism I would be forgiven for finding this abstract.” 

Elaine ML Tam’s press release in full here